The Matheny Rd Shrine

(Photo, Jef Price)

On a small grass mound between two roads on the edge of a small town, sits a small shrine featuring details in construction from the years past railroad industry.

(Photo, Jef Price)

Grave markers are by the nearby road to my left, and inside the shrine are items such as a broken headlight, a unopened can of PBR, a doll and of some items, only fragments remain. I assume these have been placed here by the locals. The small stone memorial is littered with such items of some symbolism to those who left them here.

The simple cross above the only iconography still clearly visible. No notes, no vandalism, no flowers. No explanation for either the left behind items, or the shrine itself. But here it stands, at the crossing of Matheny rd.   FP

Author: JefPrice

Former this & that. Exploring & Photographing since I was 11. Founder of

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