A lot has happened since we launched FieldPhotographer.org April 15th, but it’s nothing compared to where we’re heading. This June you’re going to see more features and reviews, we’ll be launching our photographer interviews and we’ll be running our first giveaway! – Look for more info on that June 15th

You’ve seen the kind of stories we’re featuring, and now we want to share yours! If you have tales of adventure, let us know! Drop us a line and tell us your ideas, one of the three of us will get back in touch with you.

Reviews this month will be featuring the Nikon LTM 50mm, 35mm and 28mm, beginning with the 50mm coming up next week. We’ll also be taking a serious look at the Fuji X-Pro 2 and Leica SL, as well as a retrospective of the Leica D-Lux and Hassie X-Pan (I more formally reviewed these camera for 35MMC).

You can look for more sample images, not just from me, but also from Andrew and Cullen. Our goal with these is simple, if you want to see images from say, the Leica R mount 60mm macro lens, you can see a whole bunch of such samples right here without having to look around the web or Flickr. All you’ll have to do is search right here on FieldPhotographer.org and you’ll find what you need. From there just click the tag and it’ll sort out from all our images all of the ones taken with that lens. We’ll be growing this feature by leaps and bounds, so that when we feature a lens or review one, you can look at more examples beyond just the 4-5 images we use in a review.

We’ll also be featuring more products we think look cool, and reviewing gear not just photography equipment. This means coats, tents, retrospectives on legacy gear etc. This is going to be more than just a site for photographers, it’s meant to be for the gear, adventure and photography. We want to help people be prepared for their next adventure and help photographers pick the right gear for their next adventure. Combined we have more than 60 yrs in the outdoors and in photography. We’ve seen a lot, done a lot and learned a lot from our mistakes. We plan on trying to help you avoid some of those we’ve made in the past.

We’ll also be welcoming back to the states Andrew Tonn as he and his family slowly make their way from India to DC during this month, which is of course very exciting.

Cullen and his better half Cate are currently making their way to Rome, so join us in wishing them safe travels. While there Cullen will be putting the Fuji X-Pro through its paces as a retrospective. Carrying with his kit the 28/f2 and 50/f2 (18/2 and 35/2). They also have a wedding anniversary coming up, so happy anniversary you crazy kids!

I want to thank you all for being so wonderfully supportive of FieldPhotographer.org, we’ve had a huge month this past May, and have grown every week. Thank you for sharing links, re-tweeting and supporting us. This is a project near and dear to us and we want to see it grow and continue to be a great resource for everyone who loves adventure, photography and the gear required.

One last thing, you’ve probably noticed we only publish about once a week, that’s changing soon as we make the move towards 2-3 posts a week. By the end of the next month we want to publish at least three posts a week, featuring one story, review or interview every week min. Example from lenses or cameras, or even of film will be on top of this. So you’ll be able to find quality content regularly being posted.

Remember you can follow us on Twitter @FieldPhotog for the latest updates and commentary. Thanks again for your support and we’ll see you next week and as launch our first full lens review of the Nikon LTM 50/f1.4! – Jef FP

Side note: Is there any interest in a Flickr group? Sound off below in the comments or catch up with us on Twitter! 


Author: JefPrice

Former this & that. Exploring & Photographing since I was 11. Founder of FieldPhotographer.org

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    1. Starting with Patagonia’s latest down releases, and some vintage gear, then Andrew and I start our search for the perfect boot, which will be a running series of stories and at some point videos, while we look for the one boot that can do everything.

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