You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve been taking a little vacation during these past few months. During this time we’ve been reworking the site, gearing up, partnering with brands and… Moving to Mexico? 

That’s right, our own world traveller Andrew Tonn has moved to Mexico! While he was here in the states (just back from India!), we set up our company Expeditionary Co. Under which many great things are planned, including launching a film series, bigger adventures and gear tests than ever before and more camera reviews! We’re now geared up to provide lens and camera commentary on more than 20 systems, including Contax G, Sony mirrorless systems, Leica R, LTM, SL, CL and M platforms, and the Hasselblad X1D!

We’ll also be talking GoPro, Action cams and drones. Speaking of drones and action cams, we’ll be talking trails, Jeeps and all that goes along with them. Including training and parts you may overlook, as well as building a Jeep on any budget. Plus more knives, camping gear, tents, and a new feature where we secret shop and report on our favorite and least favorites stores. Our goal here is to let you know who you can trust and who to avoid.

More exciting stuff is on the way, so keep a look out, we’re back right here this Monday with new content! Till then, get in the field! – Jef FP


Author: JefPrice

Former this & that. Exploring & Photographing since I was 11. Founder of FieldPhotographer.org

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