UPDATE 5/25/2018

Hello all and welcome back! We’ve had some issues since our relaunch this past April, and I wanted to take a quick moment to run through what’s been going on, as well as let you know what’s coming. 

Our planned relaunch of April 15th 2018 was briefly held up by database and posting issues. For this we offer sincere apologies. Because we’re not yet offering all the features we will be running in the future and are at this time publishing mostly full length commentaries and features, we schedule these out weeks in advance. As a result, when things are working well, everything runs on auto pilot while we work on new content. However, while I was hard at work with several new projects, our laid out posts weren’t being published. While this issue has been fixed, a separate issue led to some of this planned content being lost. Because of other time sensitive events that were already in motion, I wasn’t able to commit my full attention to resolving these issues.

At this point it appears as though everything is good to go and we’re full steam ahead! We have many exciting new features and commentaries ready, and be on the look out for interviews, featured selected work, and more of what we’re best at, adventures. We have many grand plans laid out for the future of FP and have now officially started operations as a company. Field Photographer is published under the LLC Expeditionary Co. Which can be found online at ExpeditionaryCo.com. We will be launching new projects under this LLC in the future. As well as extending services from FP. 

So there you have it! We’ve been hard at work here in Ohio, in Tenn, and in Mexico, to bring you the very best site we can. And it all gets back on track right now! 

I want to take a moment to thank the thousands who have supported us with their readership in the very short time we’ve been around. The best is yet to come, thank you all for your continued support. 

Look for a great featured commentary from our guest Robert Poole this Saturday, and more content coming next week, including our announcement of a very exciting series of contests and giveaways throughout the summer! – Jef   FP


Author: JefPrice

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