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If you’re in Columbus and looking for a great place to gear up for your next adventure, look no further than Clintonville Outfitters. Specializing in kayaks and backpacking wares, Jon has in depth knowledge of everything he sells and even an indoors climbing wall right there in the shop!

“I’ve always been met with a friendly staff that was knowledgable and helpful.”

When you pull in, you’ll notice that on a nice day the two large bay doors are open, leading to a wide assortment of kayaks. Service is always friendly and although they specialize in kayaks, they feature a large assortment of everything from clothing and boots to paddle-boards and backpacking meals.

Everything you need for your next adventure is here and there’s no one better qualified at any Columbus shop to help you gear up. A few years back Jon moved into this bigger space, and the results have been incredible. He used this new space to get an indoor climbing wall up, vastly expand inventory and launch an expanded waterspouts section. Not only can you get supplies here, but Clintonville Outfitters offers training and classes as well to prepare you for being in the field. They offer very competitive pricing and have frequent sales or special offers.

I’ve made multiple trips to the store when Jon wasn’t there, shopped and asked some weird questions, I’ve always been met with a friendly staff that was knowledgable and helpful. On occasion, because it is a family owned company, you may find stock is low on something you’re looking for. However unlike some big box stores (we’re looking at you Dicks), the staff at Clintonville Outfitters is always willing to help you find what you need or get ahold of it for you. Located in the heart of Clintonville right on High Street does mean that getting to the shop can take some time during peak traffic hours, but it’s an easy to find location and an great storefront that makes it worth the trip.

With the quality of service, amazing storefront and involvement in the community, as well as educational programs, Clintonville Outfitters is an outstanding store and the best in class in the Columbus area. 10/10 FP

Later in the year, we’ll be partnering up with Jon to teach a free intro to wildlife photography. Look for more info on that to come. You can find Clintonville Outfitters on High Street at 2864 N High St, Columbus Ohio. Online or on Facebook.


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