So you want to be an M photographer right? But it’s really expensive! And it just seems so far out of reach! Almost every M photographer has been there. We understand, and it’s not easy for anyone starting out to get into the Leica M system. And many times when you do manage to get ahold of that M body, you have to buy one that looks like it’s seen a war and sometimes… It has. Then you have to figure out how to get your hands on a lens, more often than not you won’t be buying a Leica lens as your first lens. But we have you covered. We’ve partnered with our friends at World of photography in Columbus Ohio to award one lucky young photographer a mint Leica M4-P and 50/ƒ2 Summicron lens!

We want to hear your stories. Not only hear them, but publish them as well. 

How can you win? Simple. Do the work.

We want you to go out and shoot a photo essay consisting of no less than 10 photographs and no more than 18. Your story must be coherent and well written consisting of at least 1200 words, no more than 2000. Mixed media of both film and digital is welcome as are entries that are completely film or digital, but your work should feature limited post work. Any object photoshopped in or out of your images will be grounds for dismissal from the contest. We also want to hear from you as to why you want an M, and what you would use it for. This section is for us only it will not be published with your story.

We ask that no one currently owning an M take part in the contest. This is a chance for a person to get into the system who otherwise may not be able to do so.

All eligible entries will be published right here on Field Photographer, submitting your entry means you agree to have your work published. The winner will not only win the Leica M4-P and 50/ƒ2 Summicron and be supplied with film stock, but will be able to have his or her next 5 stories published right here on Field Photographer for our international readership.

When you enter, please provide all relevant contact info and social media links/handles. You may enter at any time starting August 15th 2018. Submissions will not be taken after October 15th 2018. (See update, deadline is now 1/31/19)

Stories submitted must feature photographs taken during 2017-18.

While your photo essay can be about most anything, we especially are looking for tales of adventure, exploring and photo journalism.

All submissions should be sent to


That’s it! What are you still sitting around for? Get to work! Entries will be accepted starting in two days! FP

UPDATE 10/15/17: Based on interest and feedback, we’ve expanded the contest for all ages 18+ and will be offering a prize for current M owners that want to submit as well! We have been able to had runner up prizes as well, a Leica SOFORT instant camera, and a beautiful Barton 1972 leather camera strap for your M! 

We’ve also extended the deadline through the holidays, you now must get your entries in by January 31st 2019 We will accept NO ENTRIES beyond this point. February 1st we will be closing the contest and looking at entries. Good luck! FP


Author: JefPrice

Former this & that. Exploring & Photographing since I was 11. Founder of FieldPhotographer.org


  1. For goodness sakes, put a filter on that Summicron! The front elements on those things are easier to scratch than butter!

    This may be the single coolest prize offer I’ve ever seen, congratulations to whoever gets it – that lens was used by the world’s most famous street photographer for almost half a century.

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