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Leica has unveiled their rumored update to the TL, the TL2. The heavens opened, light shined down through the clouds from those very same heavens upon this wondrous marvel from Germany. Well… Not really. Actually, it’s quite underwhelming. Although the TL2 features upgraded specs such as USB 3.0, 20 frames per sec, 4k video, the new 24 MP APS-C sensor and the Maestro II processor, the TL2 is still lacking the single most desired and requested feature in the TL… A built-in EVF.

All one has to do is take a quick glance through some of the Leica forums to see dozens of potential buyers saying that are once again let down by the lack of an EVF. Within hours of the news hitting Facebook, dozens of photographers in Leica groups and on dedicated pages voiced their annoyance at yet another system with such a glaring oversight. For most of us, a serious compact without a built in EVF isn’t that serious. We asked for one thing in the TL2, an EVF and Leica… just didn’t listen. This is made even more frustrating knowing what Leica can do with an EVF, the SL features the nicest EVF I’ve ever used. It’s big, bright, with fantastic contrast. Many photographers including myself looked at this and thought it would be great to have them bring a version of that over the TL2.

“…I’m not sure what kind of consumer Leica is going after with the TL. “

Sure the TL2 has a big bright shiny back display and it’s upgraded to at least meet current APS-C standards (24mp puts the TL  in line with APS-C leaders like Fuji, both the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 have a 24MP sensor), but the biggest thing missing from the first model was a built in EVF. This was far and away the most requested feature in the TL, but it’s once again absent. One reason I’ve heard is to keep the TL as compact as possible, however, when you add on the Visoflex EVF, it’s no longer that tiny little compact. The Visoflex will also set you back another $595 on top of the $1950 (without a lens) you just paid for your TL2, making this quite possibly the most expensive APS-C camera on the market and you still don’t have a lens. Fuji’s X-T2 will set you back around $1900 on eBay with their “kit” 18-55mm lens, which is likely the best kit lens ever made. The least expensive TL lens, it the Leica T 18-56mm F3.5-5.6 Asph, which runs $1650. Basically, you’re looking at least $4200 just to get into the TL system. That’s a Leica Q! A more versatile professional level compact system, with a built-in EVF and a full frame 35mm format sensor!


With a price tag like that, I’m not sure what kind of consumer Leica is going after with the TL. With no built-in EVF, it’s clearly not aimed at professionals using the APS-C format, perhaps it’s priced solely for hobbyists who have more money than they know what to do with? It’s a real shame for Leica to have made these choices with a system that could be real competition in the APS-C marketplace. The TL showed a lot of promise when it debuted, but it was widely criticized for not having an EVF, I myself went with Fuji’s system over Leica’s for this very reason. Maybe Leica just doesn’t take its APS-C users that seriously, but I don’t believe that to be the case with the lens line up they’ve produced for the TL system. It’s been mentioned that the TL would be a wonderful companion to the Leica SL system since they have the same mount, but the Leica SL is also 24MP, which means in APS-C crop mode with a TL lens, it would be reduced to 12MP. I can’t imagine anyone using the SL wants to give up half their resolution, let alone invest thousands in the TL lenses to do so.

If the TL line was well established and a user was invested in it when they purchased the SL, I could see the argument for the TL having a place in an SL shooters bag. But that’s not the case, both the SL and TL systems are quite young and neither have a significant share of their respective markets. Maybe we’ll see the TL3 receive the much desired built in EVF, if the system survives that long.

The Leica TL can be preordered now through Leica stores, and approved dealers such as World of Photography. For more information straight from Leica, they’ve updated their site with the latest marketing. (Link) FP

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One thought on “LEICA UNVEILS THE NEW TL2… AND IT’S NOT WHAT ANYONE ASKED FOR. (First Published 2017/07/11)”

  1. Your comments here are correct. For years photographers have wanted a digital version of the Leica CL, that means interchangeable lenses and a viewfinder. But Leica have stubbornly refused to make it. They have danced around the issue by making digital cameras without interchangeable lenses ( X series, Q ) or something like the TL, TL2 but then without the viewfinder. In every instance they have crippled the cameras to avoid taking away sales from the M and by doing so have refused to make the camera customers want. If competition with the M is holding them back, I say kill the M!
    Anyway this is the reason I haven’t bought any new Leicas since the M6TTL. I won’t spend all that money to buy a digital Leica camera that doesn’t have a viewfinder or the option of changing lenses. Where does that leave us? Yes, with the SL. At about 800g body only I can’t see me lugging that around as a travel camera. And the TL2. Most people will simply use their phone if they want to use a screen only. And there is a nice Chinese option for that with a Leica lens no less I think I may die and not be able to make any more photos by the time Leica makes that digital CL. ( That’s if they ever do! )

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