Today we have a guest post, hopefully the first of several from a talented UK based photographer Rick Davy. Rick has touched on the subject of buy cheap, but shoot well in his own blog in the past. Rick has been kind enough to join us today to share some very lovely images and revisit this subject with some Agfa 200 Vista Plus! Lets get to it, over to you Rick! – Jef
After coming across a reliable source of super cheap budget end film, I thought I put it to test on a selection of cheaper end 35mm camera’s to see what kind of results you could achieve.

“The UK high streets are packed with pound shops these days offering cheap deals. Part of that boom gives us photographers the opportunity to grab films such as the Agfa’s 200 Vista Plus for just a £1. So, does buying cheap mean cheap.”


The film Im referring to is Agfa’s 200 Vista plus. After a little digging around, I found that this film is a re badged Fuji C200. (NOTE: For more see Rick’s own blog post here! – Jef)

“…Lovely deep grain and some impressive tones. Very organic just like film should be” – Rick Davy

Ive now shot quite a few rolls on a Yashica Electro, Petra 7S and a Olympus trip. Clearly the Yashica gave a sharper finish but overall the results were really rather good. Vivid colours, sweet grain and period looks to some of the images I took.
Bearing in mind that this film in the UK sells for £1 in those budget end stores, its a killer choice.

See more of Rick Davy’s work at his own site. FP

© All Images Rick Davy, published here with permission. 

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