A common topic of conversation between the three of us here at Field Photographer is that of the perfect boot. Not just the perfect pair of boots, but does such a thing even exist? And let’s say for just a moment that it does, what would it consist of? Countless hours have been spent between the 3 of us here on just this subject. 

Boots are one thing you shouldn’t be cheap on. There are few mistakes made more often than a fresh adventurer being cheap on their boots and regretting it with blistered and bloody feet just miles into their weekend trek. This is one mistake that will always ruin your day and can lead to disastrous results. So we take our boot reviews very seriously. Our word is being given that a boot is or isn’t worth your money. Between us, Cullen and I have professionally consulted and or tested hundreds of boot designs from brands like Teva, Merrill, Keen, Red Wing, Sorel, and more. Between the three of us, we’ve seen some of the best and worst designs from the past 3+ decades. So when we decided to start the search for the perfect boot, we also decided we’d need to go into the past. Because after all, they just don’t make them like they used to…. Do they?

Currently, we have over 50 pairs of boots that have been seeing the best and worst this world has to offer for over a year. No one tests harder, no one tests like us. From the sands of India, Kathmandu and to the highest mountains in the U.S., these boots are being put to the ultimate tests. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be rating each boot design over a variety of categories. Build quality, comfort and fit, traction, and overall design. Boot designs both past and present are making the rounds, everything from budget buys to some of the finest handcrafted boots made in the good ole U.S. of A.

Get ready, field reports start coming in starting in next week. FP


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