I’ve been using the Filson tool roll for a few months now, and we have a love-hate relationship.

It’s made from heavy-duty cloth fabric, with nice leather straps that wrap around and hook with a brass pin. I love the construction and size, it was easy to waterproof and has plenty of arrangement options. My issue is that when I used it for storing wrenches, they all dumped out when the roll was tipped on end. Pliers and other tools that had a tighter fit stayed put without issue, but tools that didn’t fit as well didn’t stay put.

The construction is as one would expect from Filson, fantastic in every way. Stitching is in tight clean straight lines. But some sort of fold over end would keep tools in better than the open-ended design. As of now, I’m using it for pliers and that, as I said, is working very well. I also used some fabric wax to waterproof the fabric so the tools inside stay dry.

Overall I’m happy with the roll, it’s built like a tank and a great size for a tool bag. The only issue is with smaller tools. So it’s not a great choice for screwdrivers or small wrench sets. And the nice large pouch is very useful for smaller parts and tools. The pouch is made from Filson tin cloth and already weatherproofed. 7/10 Link FP

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