You know you’re getting a older when the first thing on your Christmas list is socks. Either that or they’re one heck of a good sock. I think I prefer the latter. Of course I also asked for a Cold Steel 1917 Boarding Cutlass… My wife got me the socks…

But these are, far and away, the best socks I have ever had. They are Wigwam brand’s “40 Below” model. Notice I didn’t say, “Best winter socks.” Nope, these grace my feet year round, including travels in the tropics. They wouldn’t be my choice for formal wear, but for everything else they are what comes between my feet and my shoes. I first found them at a sporting goods store and it was love at first sight (and touch).

They come in olive drab, black and six other handy colors. I bought a pair, put them on in the parking lot and went hiking at the nearest Metro Park. Then I went back and bought a few more and got still more for the aforementioned Christmas.

The highly durable socks, at about $12 a pair, are 50% wool, 48% nylon and 2% spandex. Down in Guatemala everyone would ask me if my feet were hot. My feet were, in fact, comfortable and cushioned, protected by the Wigwam socks inside my Keene shoes. The “40 Below” socks wicked away sweat and provided padding and comfort during long days on my feet. In these days of miracle fabrics and sport sandals people forget that a good pair of heavy socks are just the thing to keep you marching all day.

Here in India, far hotter any day than most days in Guatemala, they still are my go to sock. If I’m not wearing sandals or wingtips they’re what is on my feet. These socks also stay up quite well, if that’s where you choose to pull them, and thus make for excellent casual wear. As an added bonus the olive drab ones are perfect with uniforms, from U.S. Army BDUs to Boy Scouts. FP

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