By Chris Urban

For years, going to Mount Everest was at the top of my bucket list.  I grew up reading my brother’s National Geographic magazines and watching the Discovery Channel, dreaming about exploring the Himalayas, going face to face against mother nature.  Since I didn’t have a spare $100,000 and a death wish, I knew I was going to have to settle for Everest Base Camp rather than the summit. While it’s not the top of The Mountain, going to Everest Base Camp is still no small feat, and required months of preparation.    Continue reading “THE PATH TO THE SUMMIT, AN EVEREST ADVENTURE”



Outside the hustle of the downtown, tucked away in a small shop in a corner strip, is a showroom that hardly looks at home in the boot shop packed city of Nashville. While the Nash-Vegas strip may be packed with boot outlets, Nisolo takes a different approach. A clean, open spaced showroom filled with artisan jewelry and quality footwear, a minimalist storefront with a small friendly staff await you if you decide to visit Nisolo.

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THE NIKKOR 20mm ƒ/2.8

Maya Shaman conducts rituals in the cemetery in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Nikon D800, AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D

Go wide!  Go wider!!  Go as wide as you can without going too wide!!!  This is how I think about the 20mm lens and, to be specific, the classic 20mm f/2.8 Nikkor in both auto and manual focus.  In my long experience with this lens — I have used it in its MF and AF versions as one of my primary working optics since around 2000 — I have found it to be a special lens in particular and generally as wide an angle as one can get without entering the realm of special effects.  Lenses wider than 20mm can come in handy for unique perspectives and situations, but rarely for every day use.

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MONTERREY — I have shot tightly framed portraits of people since I began taking photos at age ten or eleven.  A certain style of naturalistic headshot, the subject fully aware and looking straight into the lens, has been a major element of my work for my entire photographic life.  I still have almost every negative I ever shot and though I hope I have learned a thing or two along the way, I am still rather happy with many of the portraits I took of my classmates, teachers, and family back in Junior High and High School.  

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I’ve always wanted an old classic Jeep. Ever since I was a little boy and got my first Matchbox Jeep.  The model has changed throughout the years, it’s been a Scrambler, a CJ and even a Wagoneer, but the idea of bombing around town and trails in a proper classic Jeep has always been a dream.

In Sevierville Tenn, just a couple hours from Nashville was sitting a 1959 CJ-5, the price was right, the engine had just been rebuilt and it was surprisingly free of visible rust and damage, showing no signs of ever having lived a life off-road, it even came already equipped with manually locking hubs. This would be the perfect starting point for me to build the classic Jeep I’d always wanted….

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Filson makes a lot of excellent gear, from rifle cases to shirts, pants and duffle bags. They have a rich history as an American outfitter and a reputation for uncompromising quality, but gloves are an easy thing to get wrong.



I have been working as a documentary photographer off and on in Latin America for over 15 years. Some of my favorite memories and images have come during Holy Week, Semana Santa. I have photographed these incredible expressions of faith on three previous occasions in Central America. First in Antigua, Guatemala, then in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras, and last in Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala. All of these were marked by procession all day and night, intricate carpets of flowers laid out on the streets, the dirge-like antique music of marching orchestras, the stations of the cross and other reenactments of the crucifixion and resurrection.  Continue reading “VIA CRUCIS”


Not too long ago I made the choice to go with GOBI (review coming later) for Yeti 1’s roof rack, not just because of the racks overall quality but because of the range of add-ons offered from GOBI. GOBI is a premium product that comes at a premium price. But how about the accessories?

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British watch brand FARER has a new limited and beautifully designed timepiece that is now available. Numbered 1-50 and reasonably priced at $1,425, this British designed automatic watch features a Swiss movement and Barenia bridle leather strap. Named after legendary explorer and photographer Herbert George Ponting, who is known for his work during Scott’s expeditions to the South Pole in 1910.  Continue reading “FARER PONTING II LIMITED EDITION WATCH”