Bag shown with optional Leica M, Photo A. Tonn

I received the good news that Leica was fixing my Monochrome’s shutter, replacing the sensor glass, and giving the thing a general tune up.  The additional good news was that it would all be free.  The bad news was they estimated the repairs would take 18 to 20 weeks (and this 8 weeks after sending it in).  Regardless, this gave me the green light to buy a bag for my Monochrome.  I believe that every camera/camera system needs its own shoulder bag home suited to the way I use that camera.  Every camera has an infrastructure that needs to be contained and organized along with items of more general utility that live in camera bags.  If you use more than one type of camera and constantly swap cameras in and out of bags, then very soon you’ll find yourself trying to put a Nikon battery into a Leica or attach an M lens to an F mount or find yourself without a flashlight or pen at some critical moment.  Continue reading “THE ONA BOWERY LEICA BAG”



Photo from Sandqvist’s website

The minimalist Swedish accessories brand Sandqvist partnered with Hasselblad not long ago, releasing a line of bags specifically designed with the Hasselblad X1D in mind. Now these exclusive camera bags are on sale through Sandqvist marked down 50%. They feature a removable camera compartment, laptop sleeve, multiple zippered pockets and leather straps and accents, as well as Hasselblad and Sandqvist shared brand in the form of a small patch on the front. Not sure if it’s the right bag for you? We have a full hands on review coming soon. $339.00 $169.50 USD LINK  FP