Bag shown with optional Leica M, Photo A. Tonn

I received the good news that Leica was fixing my Monochrome’s shutter, replacing the sensor glass, and giving the thing a general tune up.  The additional good news was that it would all be free.  The bad news was they estimated the repairs would take 18 to 20 weeks (and this 8 weeks after sending it in).  Regardless, this gave me the green light to buy a bag for my Monochrome.  I believe that every camera/camera system needs its own shoulder bag home suited to the way I use that camera.  Every camera has an infrastructure that needs to be contained and organized along with items of more general utility that live in camera bags.  If you use more than one type of camera and constantly swap cameras in and out of bags, then very soon you’ll find yourself trying to put a Nikon battery into a Leica or attach an M lens to an F mount or find yourself without a flashlight or pen at some critical moment.  Continue reading “THE ONA BOWERY LEICA BAG”



ARLINGTON — A few years ago I attended a seminar about keeping yourself safe overseas.  It was taught by a genuine Bearded Tactical Guy (genus Hombre Sapiens Tacticus Barbus Americanus).  I have no doubt he delivered a terrific amount of great information but I only had two major takeaways.  First, the next time you are really, really, really hungry up in Nepal — like lost for a week or two in the Himalayas hungry — control yourself and don’t eat undercooked water buffalo when you finally stagger out of the hills.  It can make you really, really, really sick.  Really, that’s really a lot of reallys but don’t do it. Eat your water buffalo well done.  Wait until you’re back at Longhorns to get the rare steak.  The second thing was that there is underwear with pockets.  In an aside, the instructor mentioned that you could carry some last ditch money, emergency numbers or such items in the pocket of your underpants.  I mean, I’m a guy who loves pockets but I’d never even thought of having pockets on my skivvies. So, remember this, scouts: never eat undercooked water buffalo and there’s underwear with the ability to store more stuff than just your stuff.

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Here we are at last with our final entry in the Patagonia down series. We’ve taken a look at their new designs for both the down coat and vest, and have had some harsh words for them on the quality of their new products. Have we saved the best for last?  Continue reading “THE PATAGONIA DOWN SWEATER”

THE PATAGONIA DOWN SWEATER VEST (First Published 2017/06/16)

The Outdoor industry is always updating and changing it’s product lines to keep up with the changes made in technology and demands made by professional athletes. These days there is also the green factor. But these changes aren’t always in the best interest of the user. Some features are a industry standard for a reason, but in the interest of “better” design features will end up dropped or modified.

Here’s part 1 of a 3 part series examining the new line of down products from Patagonia. We’re going to look at Patagonia’s new designs fit, durability, if they meet industry standards, and of course report on how warm they are. Lets get to it! Continue reading “THE PATAGONIA DOWN SWEATER VEST (First Published 2017/06/16)”

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF THE NIKON Z7 & 24-70mm ƒ4 LENS (Published 2018/10/25)

Monday: I stopped by World of photography and saw for the first time in person, the Nikon Z7.

Tuesday: I walked in with a D5 and walked out with the Z7 system.

I’m standing here holding the new Nikon Z7, and it feels great! A camera that I had no plans to own. I wasn’t expecting even to be able to see the camera till after Christmas. It’s widely sold out, with a waiting list at most major retailers. But here I am at my friend Gary’s shop, using it for the first time. It feels wonderful, just like a mini Nikon DSLR, the EVF is big and bright, sharp as a tack and the color is outstanding. I found myself coming back the next day and walking out with a Z7. The D5 is an incredible camera, but it’s big bulky and ill-suited for 98% of the work I do. The Z7 is small, light, fast and frankly almost as good as the D5. I’m not going to bury the lead here; the Nikon Z7 is very possibly the best mirrorless camera I have ever used.

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For over 100 yrs the US National park blankets from Pendleton have been an iconic part of outdoor life. The Glacier park National park blanket is one of my favorite patterns, not only because of its distinct eye-catching colors and style but because it’s one of the earliest designs dating all the way back to America’s frontier history. Continue reading “PENDLETON GLACIER NATIONAL PARK WOOL BLANKET”


Sand Pack Co is now offering a pre-order for their newest camera strap. The strap sports a military inspired design and features an attractive olive, black and orange color theme. Pre-orders are available in each of the Cobra Straps two sizes, a 1.0″ wide style and a slightly wider strap at 1.5″ – both styles feature a Cobra D-ring attachment point, a reinforced 500d Cordura neck panel, Molle pouch attachment loops and are handmade in Portland, Oregon. Pre-orders ship in February. $160 USD LINK FP