GOBI Rack Axe/Tool Mount

Not too long ago I made the choice to go with GOBI (review coming later) for Yeti 1’s roof rack, not just because of the racks overall quality but because of the range of add-ons offered from GOBI. GOBI is a premium product that comes at a premium price. But how about the accessories?

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Jeep Jamboree at Badlands Offroad Park

Field Photographer is at the Jeep Jamboree in Indy! This is the 9th Badlands Jeep Jamboree, and I’ll be here all weekend with Yeti 1.  Continue reading “Jeep Jamboree at Badlands Offroad Park”

Quadratec 5/8th” D-Ring Shackle

I’ve had my 2012 Jeep JK for almost 2 yrs now, and one of the first things I did was swap out the front bumper and install the D-ring shackle mounts. These mounts bolt on directly through the bumper. The bolt goes in through the rear of the bumper, forward into the shackle mount. I tossed on a couple of Quadratec D-Rings and rode off into the sunset.  Continue reading “Quadratec 5/8th” D-Ring Shackle”

The Wilds – Year One

It may look like deepest Africa with fields stretching over rolling hills and wide open plains that resemble the Serengeti, but it is in fact The Wilds of Ohio. The Wilds is a nature preserve filled with African wildlife. Every so often, this wildlife refuge was home to an off road event exclusive to those who owned a Land Rover. We brought a Jeep.  Continue reading “The Wilds – Year One”